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Sesame STreet books in Spanish

You know we always want to keep you up-to-date when it comes to our favorite companies launching products in Spanish, and here’s a great one!

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization, today announced the launch of Sesame Street books on the iBooks Store. A collection of more than 60 Sesame Street books is available for the first time to iBooks users in 51 countries. The range of Sesame Street books includes fan favorites and classics such as The Monster at the End of This Book, Elmo Loves You and How to Be a Grouch, now available at

Out of the more than 60 Sesame Street titles, only three are in Spanish, but we’ll celebrate that and urge you to download like crazy to make a statement of just how eager we are to purchase quality books in Spanish for our kids.

These are the three Sesame Street books in Spanish on the iBooks store. We’ve hyperlinked them to their direct iTunes store page to make it easy download them. Note that I wasn’t able to download them directly from iBooks on my iPad, so this is the best way for now.

Sesame Stree books in Spanish Elmo te Quiere a Ti

¡Elmo te Quiere a Ti!

Sesame Stree books in Spanish

¿Qué te Hace Reir?

Sesame Stree books in Spanish

Un Picnic Perfecto 

The book Elmo and Rosita Read a Recipe is not in Spanish, but does include Spanish terms, so it’s perfect for our Spanglish children! :)

Additionally, iBooks has chosen Sesame’s Which Witch is Which?, a story that includes read-and-listen audio, as the Book of the Week. This Sesame Street Halloween story can be downloaded for free through October 15.

Let us know if you download these and how you like them! And feel free to leave a comment telling Sesame Street how much we love books in Spanish for our kids!

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