SpanglishBaby was invited to interview actor Tom Cavanagh to talk about his recent role as Ranger Smith in this season´s most-anticipated animated film in 3D, Yogi Bear. I jumped at the opportunity because I knew that Tom Cavanagh had been raised bilingual (French and English) and lived in different cultures growing up. During this interview I also found out that his two children are learning Spanish!  He was a blast to talk to and I´m happy to share it here.


Not only did I get to talk to Ranger Smith, but also to Yogi Bear and Boo Boo! I just had to do it because I knew my girl would get the biggest kick out of it. We had seen the movie days before and she was in love with Boo Boo, voiced by Justin Timberlake.  She flipped when she saw this video of her mamá talking to her favorite bears in Spanish and them answering back in English.  Yes…El Oso Yogui entiende español!

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