Bilingual is Better

Vanessa is such a curious child and she’s definitely much more interested in all topics related to science than I was at her age — or ever, really. I’m not sure where the fascination comes from, but I’m making sure to nature it (although I know very little about the subject) because I would never want to influence her with my own likes and dislikes.

Luckily, her father LOVES science too, so they get to spend a lot of time talking about insects, weather, animals and all things nature. But her absolute favorite is astronomy. Anything related to the space, the stars and the planets will make her drop whatever she’s doing and pay attention. Needless to say, she was thrilled when we got this month’s Scholastic Parent Circle book: Mi primera enciclopedia del mundo from Club Leo because the first few pages are specifically about space, the moon, satellites, space shuttles and such.

She was so excited to see all that information that she asked if she could read it in the car after I picked the book up from our box. Since she learned how to read this year in kindergarten, she tries to read anything and everything she sees. Even though I was driving and I couldn’t really see what she was reading, I gathered it was super interesting because of the tone of her voice, which pretty much could be described as astonishment at all she was learning! When I finally got around to seeing what she was reading, I was surprised at her excitement. This children’s first encyclopedia is full of colorful images, tons of interesting descriptions and easy-to-understand information.

As a parent raising bilingual children, my favorite part of Mi primera enciclopedia del mundo is that it allows me to expose my children to vocabulary they wouldn’t normally be exposed to. I mean, while we speak Spanish at home all the time, it’s not like we necessarily talk about science, geography and history all the time. One of the biggest worries that parents of bilingual children have is that our children’s vocabulary in Spanish won’t be as extensive as it’ll be in English since they get schooled in the latter, but books like Mi primera enciclopedia del mundo can definitely help in this arena.

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