read conmigo free bilingual booksFinding and acquiring quality bilingual reading material for our kids is a perpetual challenge. Though SpanglishBaby tries to make the task easier for you with reviews, giveaways, and recommendations, we can’t exactly deliver our favorite libros to your door. However, we found someone who will!

Infinity Insurance is the resource behind a new program called Read Conmigo, a bilingual literacy program intended to support Spanish literacy by helping parents get past one of the greatest barriers: access to developmentally appropriate Spanish literature. Via their Club Read program, anyone can receive FREE K-5 bilingual books in the mail. It’s easy and free, and will give your child one more excellent Spanish story to read every month!

What’s more, if you’re an educator, you can receive 20 books and Parent Flyers to give out. Just check “Teacher/Educator” on the sign-up page. Just use the promotion code BABY to sign up as a SpanglishBaby amigo!

For book summaries of past titles and to get the ebook versions, visit Smashwords.

Watch this video to learn more about the inspiration for this program. Also, check out Read Conmigo on facebook.

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