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Hola Spanglishbaby familia! We’re back with another episode of MTV Tr3s’s show, Quiero Mi Baby – the new series that shows the realities of cross-cultural parenting including language, religion and tradition clashes, in addition to many other issues unique to bi/multicultural families.

Check out this exclusive preview (meaning YOU WILL ONLY SEE IT HERE!) of tonight’s episode and then see our interview with the couple, Caroline & Christian, below.

Episode Description: Beauty Queen Caroline and Business man Christian have only known each other for a few short months, but are already gearing up for some big changes that will last them a lifetime! Don’t miss how these first-time parents go through a life changing experience, especially Caroline given that she is a model and is very scared she won’t be able to get back in shape once baby Chase is born. Will she get her modeling life back after the baby is born? Tune in to this episode of Tr3s’ original show Quiero Mi Baby!

SpanglishBaby talks to Christian

SB: The preview video and description for your episode didn’t give us much background. Can you tell us more about where you grew up and your heritage?

Christian: I grew up in Haiti and was raised there till I was about eleven years old. I moved to New York with my mom and my two brothers but kept returning back to my heritage at least three to four times a year. When I tell people I am Haitian they don’t believe me. They say “No way, you’re Latin.” Once I start speaking Creole is when they realize I am not lying. It does not bother me though, yo hablo un poquito!

SB: Were you raised bilingual?

Christian: Yes I was raised bilingual. Ever since I can remember my parents taught me French, Creole and English. I am now learning Spanish from Caro.

SB: Do you plan to raise your baby, Chase, to be bilingual?

Christian: Absolutely! I feel it is important that my son Chase knows his ancestors language. Also being able to speak different languages will open many more doors for him in life. With that said Chase has no choice but to become bilingual. :)

SpanglishBaby talks to Caroline

SB: Same questions for you! Can you tell us more about where you grew up and your heritage?

Caroline: Most definitely! I was born in California but growing up I was extremely fortunate because I was raised in the best of both worlds. Brazil and Peru. I remember always jumping on a place and one year staying with my moms family in Peru eating ceviche and the next year dancing samba with my dads side of the family in Brazil. I was a lucky girl to have been raised multi-cultural. I believe it has helped me a lot especially with landing roles in my line of work.

SB: Were you raised bilingual?

Caroline: My first primary language was Portuguese. As you know though when you attend a school where everyone tends to speak English you sort of adapt to what surrounds you. I remember coming home and my family would speak to me in Portuguese and Spanish and I always responded in English. Now that I am older I understand the importance of being bilingual and I practice my Spanish and Portuguese all the time!

SB: Do you plan to raise your baby to be bilingual? (Why or why not?)

I agree with my husband 100% speaking multiple languages is a necessity in America. The more you know the more opportunities and chances will be brought to you. I believe every mother wants the best for their child and I want Chase Valentino to be extremely successful as his parents and I will raise him to speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Creole. I myself am learning French and Creole by Chris.

I believe a happy family is one that can agree on certain things and disagree on others. No one is perfect but if you have love in your hearts then nothing can get in between of a happy life. Chris and I are getting to know each other every day more and more and I think it’s safe to say that I will never stop learning about my husband.

We love each other and we are super blessed. Thank you for interviewing us. I would love all my followers to follow me on twitter and facebook to keep updated with tips, advice and motivational quotes. I also will post photos of my family and future projects. I love to spread positive energy around the world and as my motto goes “Changing the world one person at a time.” God Bless!

Do you relate to Caroline & Christian’s story? Want to see what happens?

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