This year marks the second year I’ve organized a “Secret Santa” gift exchange through the website – and now that a Spanish version, Amigo Secreto, has launched, I’ll have the option to play Santa Claus with my friends en español!

While designed for adults, Amigo Secreto would be a great way to let kids, (maybe primos in a large family!) – organize an exchange amongst themselves while practicing language skills. All one needs to sign up is an E-mail address. Once you have an account, you can create a gift exchange and invite your friends via E-mail. Friends accept or decline the invitation and then Elfster does all the work of sorting names and assigning each person as an “amigo secreto” to another.

Once each person knows who they’re buying for – the fun begins! Check out your gift recipient’s wishlist for ideas before shopping or ask them anonymous questions through the website about their hobbies, favorite colors or anything else that will help you pick just the right regalito.

If you live nearby, pick a date to reveal yourselves and exchange gifts, or you can send them by mail – Elfster/Amigo Secreto makes it possible to have fun with family and friends no matter the distance in between.

This website works best for children 12 years and older since it requires some organizational skills, but younger niños (probably no younger than age 10), could navigate the site and organize an exchange with help.

The most difficult thing about creating a gift exchange through Elfster’s Amigo Secreto is keeping the secret from your friend or loved one! Pero shhh! No sueltes la sopa! (Don’t spill the beans!) – Part of the fun is not just opening the gift, but discovering who gave it to you!

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