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Another big hit during the playgroup I recently hosted to review Ingenio’s toys, in one word, the North American Map Puzzle, is STURDY!  I know we’ve been using this word a lot these past few days when describing this bilingual toy company’s products, but it’s the truth and nothing is more important than a toy well-built when it is to be handed to little hands which like to destroy as they explore.

Vanessa L-O-V-E-S puzzles, she calls them “copezas,” and she also finds maps intriguing. I have a big world map in my home office with pins that identify the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit or live in and she always wants to know more about it.

The pieces of this puzzle are BIG! Perfect for my daughter’s little hands and although she’s still too young to put it together on her own, we’ve had a lot of fun doing it together. I loved that I was able to show her where she was born and that because of the image of the Rocky Mountains on the piece that belongs to her birth state, Colorado, she was able to remember it when we put it together again a few days later. Each state and/or country has an image that somehow represents it. I like that a lot!

I also liked that I was also able to tell her where her big brother was born (Florida), where her Papi was born (Puerto Rico) and where part of her family on my side lives (Mexico). Unfortunately, I couldn’t show her where I was born (Peru) because as the box clearly states, the map only depicts North America. I do wish that Ingenio would either have one of South America or just add another one that includes both continents.

One of the mamis that brought her daughter to the playgroup teaches Spanish to both adults and children and she was really impressed by Ingenio’s toys. She told me all of them would be of great help in teaching kids and that she always had a difficult time finding bilingual toys that were both fun and educational!

All of Ingenio´s bilingual toys are available only via Amazon for now.  Of course, the best way to get them is via La Tiendita.

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