Bilingual is Better

Though we do our best to offer you easy access to Spanish and bilingual books, we all have to admit it’s still far more of a challenge to find good Latino-themed children’s literature than it is to find great Anglo-centric books. That’s why we love it when we see someone else participating in the search and producing great resources for Latinos and other ethnic groups.

The same organization that brought us the Read Early, Read ALOUD! campaign has just released its 2012 multicultural book list to promote literacy across the spectrum of minority populations. The list includes 45 titles, intended for grades K-4 and representing a variety of cultural groups. El mundo hispanohablante is represented by a handful of titles, including I Love Saturdays y domingos and My Name is María Isabel by Alma Flor Ada, and Up and Down the Andes by Laurie Krebs.

This is no ordinary list, either. Check out the accompanying parent and educator resources. Using these activities, which range from discussion questions to easy recipes, is an excellent way to spark the all-important conversation about how we all fit into the world and what we can learn from each other.

For even more great celebratory titles, see Reading is Fundamental’s multicultural book lists from previous years.

Read more about the Reading is Fundamental Multicultural Literacy Campaign here.

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