Mi Conejito activity for EAster

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Objective: to use TPR (total physical response) to teach Easter vocabulary in Spanish. To encourage children to be creative and imaginative, using movement and word association while developing their bilingual skills.

1.  Create Las Orejas del Conejo (Bunny Ears)

You will need:

  • Construction paper, crayons/markers, glue or staples

To make ears:

  • Cut a piece of construction paper that will fit around your child’s head.
  • Cut out 2 large rabbit ears.

Encourage children to decorate ears.

Attach ears to back of headband and your ears are ready!

2. Use plastic colored eggs as a visual for los huevitos

3. While children are wearing las orejitas, teach them the movements that are associated with each word below. Repeat various times to ensure that kids understand the association with words and movements.


  • Para las orejitas- little ears (point to ears and make them stand up)
  • Salta- jump (jump up and down)
  • Come- eat (pretend to eat and nibble food)
  • Buscar- to look for (put hand above eyes and pretend to look around)
  • Los huevitos- little eggs (form fingers/hands in circles to show egg shapes)
  • Dónde- where ( shrug shoulders and put hands up asking‘where”?”)

4. Act out Mi Conejito
Listen to Mi Conejito by Jose Luis Orozco (player below) or merely say the lyrics aloud.

Salta mi conejito 
Para tus orejitas 
Come tu sacatito, mi conejito, mi conejito (2x) 
El domingo de Pascua, 
Voy a buscar huevitos 
¿Dónde los escondiste, mi conejito, mi conejito (2x)

Mi Conejito by Jose Luis Orozco

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