One of the fascinating things Roxana and I get to do as co-founders of this site is to work closely with many household-name brands that are interested in learning more about what the Latina moms (and, yes, dads too!) really want and how their products or services can better serve our needs. Of course, I usually sound like a broken record because I invariably always bring up the topic of the need for more Spanish-language books, movies, TV shows, etc and/or better cultural and ethnic representation in what may be.

So I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Netflix as one of 18 bloggers from six countries that were invited to their headquarters in Silicon Valley for a full immersion into all things Netflix and insights into new product launches I can’t wait to tell you about really soon. The group of bloggers, both women and men, are being called the #StreamTeam because, well, streaming video and making it so convenient to watch is what Netflix does really well.

It was an excellent fit for us because my husband and I have had a Netflix account for 7 years — the amount of time we’ve been living in the U.S. since we moved back from Mexico. Not only do we have an account, but we use it a lot to stream our favorite shows and movies. Last winter break I finally gave in and allowed Camila to watch Netflix Kids on my iPad every Saturday and Sunday morning so we could finally get an hour or so of more sleep during the weekends. I ignored the fact that she would be watching in English because she was already in a dual immersion school and getting plenty of exposure to Spanish at other times. I had been so strict about Spanish-only video, but at 5 years of age it was getting harder for me to control…and there’s that sleep thing again.

So now that my girl has a crazy obsession with Netflix, I definitely wanted to get in front of their executives to voice what we all have been wanting and asking from them: ¡Más programación en español para niños, por favor!

The thing is that right now most people don’t even know you can select subtitles and Spanish dubbing in some movies and shows. The selection is terribly small, but it’s there. I just discovered it myself, so I want to show you how to access it in case this info is new to you as well.

The only way you can see a full list of what’s available is on the website. You should use Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox to be able to get the dub on a browser, but you can also switch to Spanish on those shows that offer it if you’re on an iPad, Apple TV, Roku and more.

How to Find Shows Dubbed in Spanish on Netflix

netflix watch

First, head over to and you’ll see at the top of your browser a navigation menu. Click on “Watch Instantly” and the pull down will show “Subtitles & Captions” (I agree it should say “Language Preferences”). Click on it.

netflix choose a language

The next screen will have a pull-down menu to choose a language. Select “Spanish.”

netflix rating

If you’re on Gallery View you’ll see a gallery of movies and shows that are available to watch in Spanish. You can sort that view by rating.

netflix audio options

Once you select and click on a show, you need to find the scrolling bar down at the bottom of the screen and click the next to last icon. You’ll see a selection of audio tracks and subtitles options. You will find this icon on every video and you can just click on it to see if it offers any alternate languages.

The cool thing is that Netflix will remember your subtitle and alternate language preferences for future TV shows and movies once you have played a title for longer than 5 minutes with your preferences set.

netflix programming in spanish #streamteam

If you watch on the iPad, you’ll find a similar icon on the top right corner of the screen. You can’t see a full list of shows on the iPad or any other device, so you’ll have to check video by video.

To learn how to select language preferences on the Apple TV go here, for the Roku here and for a Samsung Blu-Ray Player or Home Theater system go here.

Now that Netflix is also streaming many of the popular Disney Junior and Disney XD shows, we hope that there will be a lot more options in the shows available for kids to watch in Spanish.

Share: Were you already using the Spanish-language option on Netflix? If so, which is your child’s favorite show. If not, will you start using it and which shows would you like to stream in Spanish?

Netflix #StreamTeamDisclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix.

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