Number Fiesta is a fun app from SpringMix Games that teaches and refreshes counting skills for preschoolers. It includes four modes, each of which can be changed from English to Spanish and back with the click of a button. Have your child begin with the examen and move on to basic counting practice, a matching game, and a fun race.


The matching game can be adjusted to your preferred range of numbers (1-10, 1-15, 1-20), which is great for kids who have not quite learned numbers through 20 yet.


Use Number Fiesta as an introduction to numbers for your little ones entering preschool, and a review for older kids getting ready for a kindergarten. It’s a great summer activity to pass the time productively.

Find Number Fiesta in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Recommended for preschoolers

Price: $0.99

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