We may have a bookshelf full of bilingual books in our house, but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up. The world of apps makes it easy to do just that. Instead of simply reading a story and maybe talking about it for a few minutes, we can extend the benefit of Spanish stories by letting our kids explore apps like Learn Spanish: Little Blue Jackal by Niyaa.

This iPad app is a high-quality learning tool that can be used to encourage both English and Spanish proficiency. Your preschoolers or elementary schoolers will love touching the pictures and learning over 50 Spanish words in Level 1, but it doesn’t end there. Then, they will advance to Spanish phrases in Level 2, and finally, listen to the story about the (un)importance of outward appearances in either English or Spanish in Level 3. After reading, they will get to play Memory and Feed the Jackal, as well as color some of the pages from the story.

What I love about this app in particular are a couple unique features: the Parent/Child Comprehension activity, which promotes excellent discussion of the moral in either language, and the Sleep Mode, which can be turned on if you only want to listen to the story without visuals. A great bedtime option!

Watch this video to see the app in action. Check out other apps from Niyaa by following them on Twitter or Facebook, or visiting their website.



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