I don’t often get sucked into iPad games, but I must admit that I got a bit competitive with myself on this one. Learn Spanish from MindSnacks is an excellent way to challenge your language skills, no matter your level. Learn numbers, body parts, foods, vacation vocab, and more in a quick-paced game.

Create an account, tell the app your skill level, track your progress, and level up with “Quests.” This is quite different from a kids’ app that runs through the basics. It allows room for development, and the attractive user interface – including high-tech graphs – makes it great for all ages. 

As a former tutor, I was impressed with the mix of learning styles and the adaptable pace of this app. It tests your ability to quickly match photos/concepts with words, which is a difficult multi-step process in any language! It’s no wonder MindSnacks is an award-winning app developer.

Find Learn Spanish in iTunes

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Recommended for all ages

Price:  FREE (2 lessons); $4.99 for all 50 lessons

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