tackling life´s messes and stresses

Being a mom to one girl might seem from the outside to be “easier” when it comes to dealing with the messes and stresses of parenting. There’ s only one mouth to feed, one body to clean and clothe, one bilingual mind to nurture. Yet, that also means that this one little person depends solely on her parents for everything from playing to venting.

As a mom to an only child, the biggest stressor is that I become that one person my girl needs complete attention from all the time. Yes, dad is there too, but she usually has a case of “mamitis.” We need to be in the same room all the time, not easy when you’re trying to cook or go to the bathroom. I am the one who receives the most lovely of hugs and beautiful words, but also the one who gets the full extent of her wrath because she has noone else she’s close to to take it out on.

And that’s when our life becomes a bit messy. When mom needs a tiny bit of a break, but the girl just needs mom to applaud, cheer, hold, listen, play, dance, sing, feed at.the.same.time! Ha! I am not complaining one single bit, but it is what it is and it is when I feel the most exhausted. Why? Because, as moms do, I just deal with it.

How I’ve decided to deal with it — because giving her an hermanito(a) isn’t a viable option right now — is like this:

1. Keep her entertained with activities she loves. She loves her weekly ballet and swim classes. Now that she’s turning 5, we’re starting her on gymnastics and more dance. We’ll also explore some art and music and see what she gravitates to.

2. Be more proactive in organizing bilingual playdates for her. She loves being with kids and that’s what we’re missing at home. The more we have kids over or meet at organized events, the smoother things go at home.

3. Encourage her independence more. She’s a highly motivated and independent girl, but when she’s home she has a hard time playing alone. I have to be conscious of dedicating her the time she needs to feel just how loved she is, but I also firmly believe that learning to play or just be alone is an important life skill. This is a tricky one because I don’t want her to feel like I don’t want to be with her, but encourage her to find activities at home she feels happy doing and choosing on her own.

My family’s story  is just one example of how parenting is full of messy moments and how we, as parents, tackle them in our own creative ways.

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