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I’ve always been pretty disappointed with the lack of options there is when it comes to greeting cards in Spanish. Unfortunately, so many companies don’t seem to understand that using an online translator just doesn’t cut it. Enter: Cultúrame – Feel the Culture! a bilingual greeting card company, the brainchild of Debra Del Toro-Phillips.

Cultúrame – gotta love the name! – was born when Debra decided to combine her experience doing fundraising work and her creative self-expression into a business of her own. She got the specif idea of creating a greeting cards business after she went to an arts and craft show and bought several handmade cards.

“They were nice, but I kept thinking how nice it would be if I could share greetings with cards that reflected my culture, my styling sensitivities and helped me connect with and share my Latino culture,” says Debra.

So with the help of a graphic designer friend, she set out to do just that and launched her greeting card in May. So far, she says the cards have received phenomenal reception, and they already have nationwide distribution. It’s easy to see why. Her cards, as you can see from the image above, are completely bilingual! The designs are festive, colorful and unique! I can’t wait to send out the ones I got as samples. I’m sure they’ll be the ones all my friends will be talking about.

“Designing the cards felt familiar and easy.  I suppose that’s because it took me back to my creative days in fashion,” Debra says. ” Writing the cards was an interesting process, as I have never done anything like it before. I searched within and asked myself, “What does this mean to me” and, voila, a thought, a sentiment, an expression surfaced.  For inspiration I thought about past experiences and some of my daily interactions with people.”

While this is a review of Cultúrame’s holiday cards – we’ll be bringing you another one on some of the other products next year – I suggest you head over to their site so you can see for yourself how well Debra captures what it means to be Latino.

“My Cultúrame cards are directed at the bicultural-bilingual acculturated Latino, who is accustomed to sending cards as a formality during special occasion as well as sharing everyday sentiments,” she says.  ”Equally so, the cards are for the English-speaker who has a love for Latin culture and wishes to share their interest with friends and colleagues – which is likely to create a reaction of “Wow, this is cool!” along with a big smile!”

And, as if all this wasn’t enough, Cultúrame donates a portion of its revenue to bi-cultural art education programs for children.


Cultúrame has offered to giveaway an assorted Christmas box set with 10 pieces which include 2 each of the five designs. For your chance to enter, please visit their website and come back here to tell us which other products caught your eye and why.

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