In February my daughter witnessed one of the life events that has made the most impact in her: a wedding. Ever since then, she’s been obsessed with the ceremony and white “princess” dresses. I had no idea when we were sitting in the chapel, with her on my lap, and me whispering in her ear explanations for what was happening in the ceremony – the aras, el ramo, los lazos, los anillos, la vela, el beso – that it would become so engrained in her and she’d remember every single detail. And I do mean cada detalle! 

Every chance she gets, she reenacts the wedding. Her Barbies and Kens are usually the protagonists and I’m the one conducting the ceremony. I can’t dare skip one of the rituals because she will call me on it and make me repeat it all. Somehow, she can even hum the song that played for the bride’s entrance!

So you can imagine how overjoyed she was when Trendy Bambini sent her a Swan Lake Princess Tutu dress! The first thing she did was go into her room to put it on, found flowers to hold, put a bow on her head and ran to the living room to tell papá that they were to get married! We played along, let her indulge in her princess bride moment and I officiated the “ceremony.” It was the cutest thing ever.

Then we convinced her the dress was perfect for a photo shoot at the beach. She loved the idea, so we drove off to Malibu. It turned out to be a super windy day, but we had a blast with our photo shoot and she was beaming the whole time because it all felt so dreamy and special to her.

Check it out the pictures and that smile on her face. Amazing what a beautiful dress can do.

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