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Disney’s “Planes” is now in theaters nationwide! I was fortunate to learn some behind the scenes information representing SpanglishBaby at the DisneyToon Studios, even interviewing  Teri Hatcher (voice of Dottie) and the film’s Director and Producer too. It was an awesome experience, especially since this Disney film is extremely special.

Main character, Dusty, is but a simple crop duster from the farm town of Propwash Junction, USA. Together with the support of his best friend Chug and over-protective mechanic Dottie, Dusty dreams of “being something more than what I was built for” and works diligently everyday to achieve those goals. I loved all the scenes of Dusty practicing – flying the same track of corn fields and water tower everyday without complaint – messaging many parents will appreciate. In a world where hard work can sometimes go unnoticed, we watched as Dusty’s dreams became a passion and, ultimately, a huge success as he conquers his ultimate fear – his fear of heights!

Disney "Planes"

I can hardly get around writing about the joy of hearing a Spanish accent and depiction of a Mexican plane in this new Disney film. Voiced by the amazing Carlos Alazraqui, movie watchers are introduced to the indoor racing champion of the world, El Chupacabra. I can’t deny feeling akin to El Chu’s warm and loyal qualities. He becomes a good friend to Dusty, while bringing humor to the film with his grand declarations – “… I swish my cape at you!”.

In addition to Dusty and El Chu, “Planes” lights up the sky with planes from all over world, giving this Disney movie a distinct multi-cultural perspective. Ishani is from India, Bulldog is from Great Britain, and Rochelle, who is “localized” in 8 different countries, is a French Canadian. As the characters fly through new terrain of countries not often depicted to our children. In fact, the scene when Dusty and Ishani go flying by the Taj Mahal is one the favorites of Director, Klay Harris as the sheer beauty of the imagery is undeniable. The race around the world truly brings in new imagery, voices and cultures from the high vantage points of planes. And the moment when Dusty’s friends from around the world come together to his aid is truly one of camaraderie and partnership. The scene of Dusty’s near demise turned out pour of support is a true Disney moment filled with hope and optimism; one that makes us hope that maybe our world is a better place than given credit for.

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