Bilingual is Better


It’s never too early to start teaching your baby to use technology. Curlew Apps is a developer that aims to introduce early language skills to children through fun, educational apps. La Caja Mágica is an app that has just the right amount of repetition for little ones to learn new words. Touch the “magic box” and it pops open to reveal a new toy each time. The app includes real photos of the toys, so that your child can identify them in real life.

The words and sound for the 10 pre-set toys are originally in English, but parents can change the written words and recordings to Spanish easily by going into the app’s settings. New toys can be added to customize the toy list so it better represents your toddler’s toy box.


As with some of the best early language apps, La Caja Mágica serves its purpose via simplicity. It’s easy for the smallest of hands to interact with and the sparkling box is more exciting each time it opens.

Find Magical Box/La Caja Mágica in iTunes

Available for iPhone and iPad

Recommended for ages 6 mos-2 years

Price: $3.99

Check out more from Curlew Apps on their website.

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