Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins cast

Immediately after my girl watched her very first episode of “Doc McStuffins,”  Disney Junior’s new animated series, she ran over to me declaring: “Mamá, ¡soy doctora y quiero curar a todos!” (“Mom, I’m a doctor and I want to cure all!”)

This was definitely something I was not expecting to hear just two weeks after she got the most painful shots on her arm at her last check up. She’d been complaining about it every single day and one episode of this fabulous show made the image of her doctor something special.

Doc McStuffins, voiced by Kiara Muhammad, is a lovely six-year-old girl who lives in a magical world all her own where she’s able to talk to all stuffed animals and toys as soon as she puts her play stethoscope on, and if no one else is around. In each 11-minute story (two in an episode), Doc and her assistants–a wild bunch of stuffed animals–enter the playhouse clinic where they analyze, diagnose and cure toys in need. In the episodes I previewed I got to see Doc McStuffins take on cases as serious as a toy race car with no energy, a Jack-in-the-Box who lost his bounce and a plastic blow-up toy with a leak.

I knew immediately my girl would be attracted to the show because Doc is totally a pink and sparkly girl like her. Yet, behind all that pink is a little girl with lots of smarts and a passion to heal. Not only that, but there’s a huge tone of girl empowerment since Doc takes after her mother who’s a doctor and the bread winner in the home of a family of four. I spoke to Chris Nee, Creator and Executive Producer of the series, and she told me that portraying strong and empowered female characters was at the heart of the idea behind “Doc McStuffins.”  Nee knows that a girl can embrace pink, glitter and twirly dresses and identify with Doc, but also learn about important issues like health and taking care of oneself.

6 Reasons to Watch Doc McStuffins

  1. The animation is colorful, lively and soothing.
  2. Doc lives in a world of fantasy and imagination which she is perfectly at ease with alone. Since I have an only child, I value that this show teaches children it’s OK to live in their own magical world.
  3. Doc’s stuffed animal friends and assistants are adorable. There’s a sweet lamb (Lambie), a funny dragon (Stuffie), a jolly hippo (Hallie) who’s Doc’s nurse and more.
  4. The family is diverse and unique. The mom’s a doctor, the father is a chef who makes the family meals, the brother is two years younger than Doc and looks up to her sister.
  5. Every episode features an original song which conveys the health lesson Doc and her friends learned that day. Some of the song titles include “Be Good to Your Tummy,” “Get Your Sleep On” and “Wash Your Hands.” In every episode, Doc and her helpers also sing “The Check-Up Song,” an upbeat tune that is intended to assist parents in easing their child’s fears of getting a check-up, as well as the “I Feel Better” song once the issue has been resolved for the “patient.”
  6. The health, hygiene and medical care themes in every episode are completely relatable and things all kids face at one point. Watching it together will allow for conversations on everything from splinters to wellness checkups. In fact, I can totally see pediatricians prescribing your kid watches Doc McStuffins before their next check up!

I brought home the screener episode three days ago and my girl requested it every day since. We’ve finally switched from the daily play of her dolls getting married and having kids, etc to her being the doctor and taking care of her toy patients and writing down their diagnosis in her Big Book of Boo Boos–like Docs. In fact, her new favorite phrase is “The Doc is in!” and she’s requested we go buy her a doctor’s kit this weekend! I just  can’t say no to that.

Doc McStuffins premieres today, Friday March 23, at 10:00 am ET/PT and will air daily during Disney Channel’s Disney Junior programming block for kids age 2-7 and on the new 24-hour Disney Junior channel.

And the best part for us? We can watch Doc McStuffins in Spanish thanks to Disney giving us that option through SAP.

Can’t wait? Visit DisneyJunior.com to watch a full episode of Doc McStuffins available now, and browse for coloring sheets, games, and activities.

Would love to know if you watched and what you and your kids think about it.

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