Delivery Man Trailer Debut For You!

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When I read the premise of Dreamwork’s new family movie, Delivery Man, I kinda rolled my eyes because it just sounded so ridiculous. Doesn’t a story starring Vince Vaughn as an unlikely father of 533 children he helped conceive through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago sound just a bit too far out there?

It definitely is. But then I gave the trailer a chance and guess what happened? I laughed…and laughed…y me reí un poco más.

Now I’m looking forward to its November 22nd premiere because few trailers can tickle my funny bone like this one that’s making its grand debut today simultaneously on 533 parenting blogs across the U.S. — including this one!

**Note that we usually don’t post about PG13 movies, but this one is and not suitable for kids.**

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