3 Easy Pumpkin Crafts

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Tis the season for all things pumpkin!

Are you looking for a simple but fun class treat or party craft for kids? Here are three easy pumpkin (calabaza) crafts to get you into the Harvest or Halloween mood!

Is it a calabaza or a zapallo?  In Mexico, we say calabaza but when I first arrived to Ecuador and visited the mercado the lady looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a calabaza. So like a little toddler I described to her in the best way that I could what a calabaza was.  She said “ahhh, zapallo.”  By the time I left the market I was thoroughly confused on what to call my favorite Fall food.  Some claimed it was zapallo, others said it was calabaza.

So on to the calabaza crafts!

Recycled Lid Pumpkins

You will need:

  • Lid from a canned good (be careful handling edges) or for a safer alternative a bottle cap
  • magnets
  • paint
  • googly eyes
  • green pipe cleaner
Paint your lid orange and glue on the magnet on the back.  If you are concerned about using a lid from a canned good go with a metal bottle cap.  Our can opener is fabulous and it leaves the edges almost bent so I don’t have to worry about cutting myself. Add googly eyes and draw a nose and mouth with a marker.  Top it with a green pipe cleaner.  This is a fun party craft or teacher gift.
Aren’t these pumpkin drinks great! This is a great alternative to Halloween candy for your trick or treaters or for a class Halloween treat.  So simple.

Pumpkin Drinks

  • Orange drink
  • Permanent markers
  • green tissue paper
These mandarinas are so fun!  This is a healthy alternative to Halloween candy!  We always put out a container full of them at our annual Halloween party.

Mandarin Pumpkins

  • mandarin or orange
  • permanent marker

Get crazy creative and draw or stencil your favorite, spooky calabaza faces!

Do you have a favorite Halloween craft with pumpkins? Feel free to share the link below!

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