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Have you ever looked at a foreign language textbook and not known where to begin? All those pages of vocabulary…

A great app by Noyo is helping us avoid the symptoms of Overwhelming Textbook Syndrome. This iPad app is overflowing with useful Spanish vocabulary – over 1800 words! Each of the eight themed sections has over 20 pages of labeled pictures with written vocabulary (in Spanish and English) that can be shown or hidden so that you can test yourself about the items in the picture. For further support, turn on the audio feature to hear each word pronounced. Then, complete the multiple-choice assessment at the end of each section to track your progress.

While it looks like a middle-school Spanish textbook, the vocabulary is extensive enough for adults who are still learning or brushing up on spelling and pronunciation. Review categories like “Los viajes” or “Las estaciones.” The kids will especially love “Los animales” and “Los deportes.”


The most appealing thing about this app is that it can be used for entertainment (what child doesn’t love tapping and interacting with colorful pictures?) and education. It truly lives up to Noyo’s slogan: “Picture-Perfect Language Learning.”

Find Noyo Spanish Vocab Builder – Beginner in iTunes

Available for iPad and Android

Recommended for Spanish learners in the first 3 years of language acquisition

Price: $7.99

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