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A Dreaded Summer Task Made Easier

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One of the tasks I dread the most when the weather starts getting warmer is our annual garage cleanup. We normally tackle this in early spring, but the weather has been crazy in Colorado and it’s only in the last couple of weeks that it has actually gotten warmer, so we finally decided the time had come  — especially because I got these really cool, versatile and new Rubbermaid All Access Storage Containers that got me pretty excited about re-organizingRead More ...

Meet Mando! Sesame Street’s New Bilingual Latino Character

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I just got back from PBS’ annual meeting, which took place in Miami this year and where I had the pleasure of meeting “Mando,” Sesame Street’s newest bilingual cast member who is Latino. Ismael Cruz Córdova (Mando) is a charming and very talented 26-year-old actor who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and learned to speak English thanks to Sesame Street. I also had the chance to interview Carmen Osbah, who plays one of the other bilingual cast membersRead More ...

Crayola Color Wonder Gets Rid of the Mess {Review}

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Just in time for summer break, we got a box full of Crayola’s Color Wonder line of products and my kids couldn’t be happier! With only two weeks left of school, I know they’ll be spending a lot of time getting creative both in and outdoors. Both my children LOVE to draw, paint and color, so these products are the kind of gifts that will always be welcomed in my house. And while we had experimented with some of theRead More ...

Because Every Mami Deserves a Break!

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When I was young, and still lived back in Peru, whenever anyone in my family traveled to the United States, I used to ask for two things: bags of Kit Kat and teen magazines. My love for these delicious chocolate wafers only grew once we moved to Miami and I could get my fill as often as I pleased. I think the main reason why I love Kit Kat so much is because they’re not super sweet or full ofRead More ...

Getting Ready for Warmer Days

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Although it has felt like anything but spring here in Denver thanks to all the snow we got the past three days, Vanessa was thrilled when I told her we were going shopping for shorts and dresses. While she loves the snow, I think that, like me, she’s just tired of having to wear layer upon layer of clothing! I must admit, though, that’s it’s pretty hard to go shopping for spring/summer clothes when it’s barely 30 degrees outside. InRead More ...

On the Night My Son Was Born

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The stories of how my two children came into the world are utterly different. So much so that I’ve often wondered how my son Santiago will feel once he gets older and realizes that despite having all my family in Denver, where he was born, his dad was the only one at the hospital the day he made his first appearance. Especially when he finds out that the complete opposite was the case the day his sister was born. IRead More ...

The Day My Life Changed Forever

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Only a handful of dates are deeply embedded in my heart. Most are happy days, a couple are not. But only one marks the day my life was forever changed. It was Wednesday, November 30, 2005. I had been feeling unusually exhausted for several days, and after an inexplainable week-long insatiable craving for jalapeños — and a missed period — I decided to check if maybe a baby was the culprit… although I didn’t really get my hopes up. My husbandRead More ...

Check Out These Super Cute Lala-Oopsie Mermaid Dolls & Movie

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My daughter Vanessa is not a fan of the Lalaloopsy dolls because their button-eyes remind her of the movie Coraline, which she’s only seen parts of because it scares her to death. So I wasn’t sure how she’d react to the Lala-Oopsies we recently got from Walmart. Well… it turns out I don’t know my daughter as well as I thought!! I first gave her Treasure, the Mini Lala-Oopsy Mermaid doll you see in the photo above, which comes withRead More ...

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