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My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids

5315W. El Segundo Blvd

CA 90250, California


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Irma Vazquez



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My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids is an enrichment program for native and non-native speakers of Spanish (ages 18mos-middle school). I teach parent-child classes, school-age afterschool classes, private groups and pre-schools too! I teach cooking camps, Summer immersion camps and year round classes. I am a credentialed teacher with 20 years of teaching experience and a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I am currently teaching in Los Angeles and would love to know what your language needs areRead More ...

There’s More Than One Route to Multilingualism… Right?

Posted by: | 7 Comments

The verdict is in! Our daughter was accepted into the private dual language school I wrote about last month. The question now remains whether or not she will attend. We decided to start the lengthy application process because we wanted to have options. In fact, she remains on several rotating waiting lists at several daycare centers around town because one never knows. Before making our decision, there is a still a reflective process my husband and I need to goRead More ...

Send Your #BilingualKid to a Language Summer Camp

Posted by: | 3 Comments

We dedicated all of last week to explore the topic of immersion travel and its amazing benefits in terms of your children’s bilingualism and biculturalism. But if traveling with your family for an extended period of time to a Spanish-speaking country is not an option for you right now, you can always send your kids to a language summer camp without having to travel too far. Language summer camps are run the same way a regular summer camp is: aRead More ...

An Intimate Experience with a Prestigious Private Dual Language School

Posted by: | 7 Comments

Recently my husband and I decided to go through the process of trying to get our daughter enrolled in a prestigious and private dual language school in our city. I honestly did not imagine having to go through what seems like a rigorous process this early on in her academic trajectory. She is almost three, which means she qualifies for the primary school grade classrooms. We learned that there were a limited of spots (~30) with over 125 applicants! WeRead More ...

Why Bilingualism Will Have to Wait

Posted by: | 13 Comments

When we became parents, we hoped to raise our children to be bilingual. However, since I am the only Spanish speaker in the house, and most of our social circle speaks English, the reality is that my kids speak English and occasional Spanglish. For a time, I had pinned my hopes on sending the girls to a bilingual immersion program, an option we are lucky to have in our district. This winter when we applied to the lotteries (it’s all lottery inRead More ...

Tests for Dual Language Learners and Parent’s Anxiety

Posted by: | 9 Comments

I am not a fan of our schools’ obsessive testing culture. Unfortunately, the system tests children as the only way to monitor their academic progress. As a parent of a student enrolled in the immersion program, I’d like to share my experience since I know many of you will go through the same process raising your bilingual kids. My son attends an excellent dual language immersion program in northern California. As a Spanish speaker, I was told he would takeRead More ...

Volunteering In My Daughter’s Dual Immersion Classroom

Posted by: | 11 Comments

Some weeks ago I posted an update on my personal Facebook profile sharing how much I love volunteering at my daughter’s kindergarten Spanish immersion classroom. Not even five minutes later I get a text from a very good friend whom I spend a lot of time with teasing me about using the word “love” in the same sentence as “volunteering.” She kept on going that there was no way I could love that and I had to be exaggerating. IRead More ...

SpanglishBaby LIVE: Dual Language Immersion Programs

Posted by: | 1 Comment

We did our very first Google+ Hangout yesterday and we’re super happy with the results. It felt great to just be able to hang out with a group of moms — including our expert — talking about a topic we’re so passionate about and that we’ve invested in so much. For our fist session of SpanglishBaby LIVE, we tackled the always popular subject of dual language immersion programs. And there was so much to talk about! From the many DLRead More ...

Join Us for Our First SpanglishBaby LIVE Google+ Hangout

Posted by: | 2 Comments

February is a great month not only because I get to celebrate another year of life, but because it also marks SpanglishBaby’s anniversary. We’re on our fourth year now and in our constant effort to offer even more resources for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children, we’re super excited to announce our very first SpanglishBaby Live Google+ Hangout. WHAT: An opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss topics on bilingualism LIVE with Ana, myself and one of many experts onRead More ...

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