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Bicultural Birthdays Celebration | Venezuela

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Editor´s Note:  This whole week is dedicated to the topic of Bicultural Birthday Celebration.  Make sure you´re subscribed to receive our posts because we have an awesome round up of guest posts and fabulous giveaways. I have so many great memories of birthday celebrations growing up in Venezuela, they are memories that make me very happy and nostalgic. My mom used to get us the prettiest new clothes to wear that day, there was always a cake with some quesilloRead More ...

Strawberry Empanadas with Sweet Life Bake! {recipe!}

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Today our amiga Vianney of Sweet Life Bake shares a recipe she and her daughter came up with for Strawberry Empanadas! … Read the sweet introduction written by Bonnie’s daughter, Angelica and then onto the sweet recipe! Kids everywhere rejoice when the final countdown begins. Summer is finally here! Freedom from books, flash cards, reviewing math, (the worst subject) and history lessons. For an 11 year old nothing beats playing video games, movies at the drive-in and staying up late,Read More ...

Baby Record Book by Anne Geddes: Mis Primeros Cinco Años {Giveaway}

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Anne Geddes is known for her photography, mostly of babies and kids in flowers, with flowers, on flowers, etc. Mis primeros cinco años (My First Five Years) takes it a step further by incorporating the photographs into a baby memory book where you can keep all the little details that come with the newness of a baby – milestones, pictures, measurements, etc. Sprinkled throughout this book you’ll find Anne Geddes’ famous photographs. I will say however, that some of the photosRead More ...

Raising a Bicultural Child When Your Family’s Not on Your Side

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Once we were married, my husband and I had put the worst behind us. Our families ended up showing for the wedding, despite our being interracial and interfaith, and that was a triumph on its own. Not long afterward, we were due for our daughter, Lilyana. We waited anxiously to find out what she would act and look like and how her beautiful little voice would sound. But, the news of our coming hijita brought new challenges in dealing withRead More ...

An Unforgettable Experience: My Summer as an Exchange Student

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I will never forget the first time I had a PB&J sandwich – it was in Tampa, Florida, at the Chamberlain Senior High School cafeteria, circa 1985. Yes, what a strange thing to remember, but for me the discovery of peanut butter mixed with purple jelly at 15 was a memorable one as it marked the first of many new and different experiences I would have during my stint as a foreign exchange student in los Estados Unidos. My parentsRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Dads | The Best Inheritance: Raising Our Daughter to be Trilingual

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Editor’s note: This is the fourth and final essay in a week long series for Father’s Day written by papás who are raising bilingual and bicultural children. We hope you’ve enjoyed all of the essays this week. If you missed anything, you can always go to the introductory post for links to the essays and to our awesome giveaway! Long before our daughter Aylin Carolina was born last October, my wife Deniz and I decided what she wasn’t going toRead More ...

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