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Elizabeth Masturzo-Baldeón is a language education specialist who lives with her familia in the suburbs of Washington D.C. She left her teaching job in an elementary school to work at home raising her daughter Sofía- and she couldn’t be happier! You can read about how her familia makes a conscious effort in their daily lives to bring baby up bilingual at her blog, La Mother Tongue.


A Must-See Music and Dance Show For Youngsters in Spanglish!

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Last week, my daughter Sofía and I attended a free event, Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andrés, sponsored by our local library.  As a public speaker, educator and presenter, I’m a tough crowd to please and I have to say that this show was fenominál! The show, Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andrés, used music, song, and dance to engage the audience in a language and culture fiesta.  We learned words in Español that had to do with colores, animales, and bodyRead More ...

Super Summer Study: 10 Awesome Océano Actividades

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When my familia decided to take a last-minute trip to the beach, I had to act fast and create a learning unit about the Oceano for my daughter Sofía.  I didn’t have as much time as normal for the planning, so instead of making my own actividades as I usually do, I turned to the internet to pull from resources already available.  Even if you have already past your Oceano Unit, these resources have mucho más to offer than justRead More ...

Frozen Globo Sensory Activity

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When my amiga, Amy, told me about this activity, I knew that Sofía and I HAD to try it immediately and share it with todos! From start to finish, this activity was so much fun and filled with sorpresas  for both mamá and hija. After hiding some of Sofía’s little toys inside some globos (balloons), I filled them with water and froze them.  Then she went to work pounding and hammering the frozen globos until she excavated the sorpresas freeRead More ...

Hot Icy Fun {Activity}

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Wow!  Not sure how summer has started in your barrio, but here in the Nation’s Capital, hace calor!  This means we have had lots of pool-time and fun with water. Until recently, I really thought there wasn’t a way to make playing in the pool more fun, but my daughter Sofía found a way!  When I wasn’t looking, a little hand went into my glass of water and hielo (ice) and voilá…a whole new fun dimension of playing in theRead More ...

Toolbox Treasure Art-A Father’s Day Craft

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El Día del Padre / Father’s Day is coming up this June 17 and I’ve been a little stumped at what creative gift Sofía will give her Papi.  Recently I read an article about how people who received gifts in fancy wrapping tended to like the gifts considerably more than people who received the same gift but not wrapped as nicely.  I think this is super-true and certainly applies to children’s art as well.  I think any piece of art, wellRead More ...

Un Juego de Números or a Numbers Game in Chalk {Activity}

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Have you run out of ideas of how to maximize your Cielito’s outside play?  Or maybe you´re just secretly aburrida of playing the same things outside – Like I am! Well, in order to add a little zing to our outdoor play, we created a new game, which we call, El Juego de Números en Tiza, The Chalk Number Game.  Plus, there are MANY not-well-advertised benefits of exercising and playing outdoors in addition to keeping physically fit.  Exercise helps us developRead More ...

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