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The Sacrifices We Make to Raise Bilingual Children

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Overall, I am generally quite pleased with everything my husband and I do to further our sons’ bilingual education. But I am the product of my parents’ efforts to raise my brother and me bilingual, and occasionally I can’t help but compare my efforts to theirs. When I think of everything they did for us, I am keenly aware of two things. One, with all of our modern conveniences, we have it much easier. And two, they made way moreRead More ...

Voyager Kids Global Learning App

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Today, I’m sharing a different kind of app with you. Generally, we prefer to review only apps with a Spanish language option. However, we’re making an exception for Voyager Kids because it is such a fantastic resource for globally-minded kids, like the ones we are hopefully all in the midst of raising. With four categories (Travel, Learn, Explore, and Play) and tons of fact-filled pages inside each one, Voyager Kids is a wealth of information about animals, plants, landmarks, culture, andRead More ...

Recommendations for Immersion Travel in Peru

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The past couple of summers, my family and I have taken vacations that have enabled us to be immersed in Spanish. Our goals have always been to improve our language skills, to learn about and visit the historical sites throughout the country, and to experience the culture. My previous SpanglishBaby posts about our travel experiences always included information about our activities, our Spanish classes, and the home-stays. In the comments section, there were often requests for further information and moreRead More ...

Back to Dual Immersion School with Memories of Summer

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Today was Camila’s first day of 1st grade and I missed it. I’m in Houston due to a family emergency that I will share with all of you another day when the time is right, but for now I can share that I had to miss my girl’s first day of school, but am relishing all the beautiful moments we were able to create this summer. Of course, I was all over my husband making sure he took pictures ofRead More ...

Immersion Travel: Summer Camp in Puerto Rico

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It’s been two weeks since we arrived in Puerto Rico and the experience has already been much more than I expected. My kids have been so immersed in Spanish at every level and in so many settings that a couple of days ago Vanessa actually came up to me and out of nowhere asked: “Mami, ¿qué tal si me olvido mi inglés?” I wanted to laugh at her ingenuity, but I just reassured her that this wouldn’t happen. Truth is sheRead More ...

My Son Prefers English Even Though Spanish is All We Speak at Home

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It’s official! My 3-year-old son’s vocabulary in English has multiplied exponentially the last couple of months, and he’s starting to have a preference for his new language. I’ve been observing him closely lately and I am pretty amazed by the fact that whenever he plays by himself, English is his language of choice. Nothing wrong with that, except that it’s all totally new for me because his sister didn’t really do that. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact thatRead More ...

Join a SpanglishBaby Playground Near You!

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One of my favorite things about belonging to the SpanglishBaby community is the opportunity to meet other families who are also raising bilingual and bicultural kids. I have met online friends and local friends through SpansglishBaby Playground where families have been organizing local playgroups all over the nation, from South Jersey to Orlando, from Philly to Colorado you can find local groups wanting to meet, play and speak Spanish! Find your local Playground and join us today! Tri State Mamas:Read More ...

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