The Ideal Playlist of Música en Español for Kids to Take On the RoadThis post is sponsored by Toyota Prius. All opinions and stories are my own.

If there’s one thing that can get my family of three on the verge of a serious disagreement it is the music we listen to. My husband goes from heavy rock to cool indie. I love my Latin indie pop and rock, as well as some salsa, cumbia and merengüe for those lift-me-up moments. Camila is totally getting into top of the charts pop music, like what’s played on Disney Radio. And I have to admit I’ll sing-a-long with her on a good Taylor Swift or Teen Beach Movie song. Yes, ¡se te pegan!

So I figured that since we’ve been going places a lot with our Prius V and it’s so easy to stream my Spotify playlists when I connect my iPhone via the ToyotaEntune app, that I should create a playlist of songs that would be more geared to Camila’s tastes, yet my husband and I could agree on as well. Turns out we’re also very picky about the type of music for kids we like. Much more indie than traditional, for sure.

Here’s a peek at how we’ve been dealing with entertainment on the road.

Here’s the playlist that’s currently on rotation in our Toyota Prius V and it’s public so you can easily subscribe to it and add it to your Spotify playlists. It includes 30 tunes from many of our SpanglishBaby Finds favorites like Music with Sara, Moona Luna, Mister G, Lucky Díaz, José Luis Orozco, Habla Blah Blah, Nathalia, Dan Zanes and so many more!

So, what did you think? You like? Let me know if there’s any that would fit the vibe and I’ll gladly add it.

Oh, and here’s a little extra treat para las mujeres — my playlist called Mujeres con Soul. Enjoy :)

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