31 Days of Reading in Spanish

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Ever since I was a child, I loved fables and legends. De cómo dicen que fue hecho el mar (or How they say the ocean was made) is one in a series of three books about Taino legends adapted and illustrated by Puerto Rican Mrinali Álvarez Astacio. The other two are about love and people.

Legends explain complex topics using simple tales that even a small child can understand. This one is no exception. I wasn’t aware of this Taino legend and I must say I love it. Basically, it’s thanks to someone’s mischief that the ocean got created. My kids and I love the ocean, so this particular book has been of particular interest to them. Not to mention that they’re half Puerto Rican, so it’s a great story to help them learn about their father’s heritage.

The author has written several children’s books which are favorites at our home. Sadly, they’re not all readily available, but you’ll get a chance to win some by entering our weekly giveaway. ¡Buena suerte!

31 Days Of Reading in SpanishBOOK DETAILS

Title: De cómo dicen que fue hecho el mar

Author: Mrinali Álvarez Astacio

Illustrator: Mrinali Álvarez Astacio

Ages: 4 to 8

Publisher/Year: La Editorial, Universidad de Puerto Rico/2009

ISBN: 978-0847715862

Price: $10.54 on Amazon.com

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