tips on raising kids to be world citizens

The world has definitely become smaller the more connected we are. It’s much easier for anyone these days to be globally minded and connect with someone in the other side of the world and to learn about different cultures without leaving your home. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that individual societies are also more open and diverse racially, culturally and ethnically. Some days when you turn on the news it actually feels like whole groups are becoming much more closed minded out of fear of losing their cultural identity over others.

But our children are the future. Our children can individually be a friend to the whole human race. They are born into the era where technology has reduced both space and time, allowing us to very easily reach out of our own bubble and know that there’s more.

It’s our task to ensure that we provide an opportunity and an environment for our kids to become globally minded citizens of the world. Compassion, empathy, an open heart and an acute emotional intelligence accompany children with global minds that are at ease in different cultures, languages and races.

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