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You may remember how excited I was a couple of weeks ago when I finally figured out how to find the kids programming in Spanish on Netflix. It was great to see that so many of you had also been looking for that and you were relieved to find that Netflix did carry shows in Spanish, albeit not enough, we all agree.

Today I’m all giddy and excited again because Netflix just launched a brand new destination for families: Netflix Families. Whether you’re a member or not, you can visit the Families page to find fun and targeted recommendations of family and kids movies and shows to watch this summer. The page also features stories from families on how we use Netflix. And, yes, I did say WE, because my family and I are featured in one of the four Parents’ Tips videos! The best part? It’s in Spanglish!! Yay, We’re bringing on the Spanglish to Netflix, baby! And you know that by Spanglish we mean the almighty code-switching that only fluent bilinguals can do and we hope our kids achieve ;) Check it out here y celebra con nosotros!

You’ll notice on Netflix Families that they have curated some rows of playlists with some of the most popular shows. I’ve already put in a recommendation for a “Favorite Kids Shows en Español,” but while we wait for that one to come (hint: tweet @Netflix and ask por favor!), we’re definitely bookmarking these for our Friday movie nights and lazy summer days.


We have movie nights every single Friday and now that it’s become a tradition there’s no escaping them. My girl looks forward to it all week. We pull out the sofa bed, get in our PJs, make pizza, and eat chocolate. The one rule we have is that the three of us need to agree on a movie to stream on Netflix, so basically princess movies are out! This has led to us discovering some pretty great flicks together and making Camila expand her horizons. Glad to have this playlist handy!


¿Quién se acuerda de Jems y He-Man? Wow, the 80′s flashbacks! Not sure I’m ready to have Camila watch Jems, but soon enough I’ll be able to get all retro and cool with her. Wishing for Candy, Candy and Heidi to come soon and we can sing the intro songs along together.


This summer we won’t be traveling overseas as a family, so we’ll travel virtually and stream the world to our casa. Camila loves watching animals on the screen, so we can have some nature time at home to compliment our local hikes and keep the learning going.


Somehow my brain and motivation starts melting as soon as summer hits. It’s like I give myself permission to take it easy and give myself a break. That means that instead of turning on the laptop after my girl is in bed, I turn on the Apple TV and sit with my husband to catch up on our favorite shows via el Netflix. We like to watch episodes back to back and right now are OBSESSED with House of Cards in an almost unhealthy way. I love it.


We’re also testing out the new Profiles feature that Netflix will roll out soon to all members, so now we can freely add our favorite shows to our individual Instant Queues without fear of our girl somehow figuring out how to get out of the Kids section or fearing a joke from my husband for the amount of chick flicks I’ve added. That, and also we’re each getting recommendations based on what we each watch via our profiles, and not a sea of princesses and Disney flicks because our girl pretty much rules our family account.

Would love to know what you think of Netflix Families and how your family is using it! Leave me a comment below and/or join me as I tweet with Heather Armstrong (@Dooce) and Rebecca Wolfe (@GirlsGoneChild) tomorrow, Wednesday, June 19th at 4pm EST/1pm PST. We’ll be using the hashtag #NetflixFamilies and chatting during the whole hour. I’ll be tweeting from @laflowers and @spanglishbaby in both English and Spanish. Can’t wait to chat there with you!


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