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I had promised to share with all of you our journey as we navigated the first year of dual immersion school and I have to admit that I’ve slacked a bit, but now that Camila successfully completed kindergarten, I’m ready to tell you it’s been everything we expected and more. At times it was a bit scary to understand just how my girl would acquire the skills needed in both languages and keep up with standards, but she has flourished in every sense.

She started the first day of school speaking mostly English, even though she’s supposed to be one of the strongest native Spanish-speakers in her class. Her maestra has been wonderful and completely supportive of all the kids. It’s amazing to see how much the children have grown and how strong their Spanish skills have evolved.

One thing I learned that I can’t stress enough is that the parent involvement is key when your child is enrolled in a dual immersion program. For some parents it’s harder than for others because they don’t speak the target language at home and it’s more challenging to find ways to help their kids with schoolwork. So aside from the school needing parents to be active with fundraising, volunteering, advocating and such, a dual immersion classroom environment also depends on parents working together to support each other in any way needed.

I’m working on a series of posts to share with you the many benefits of a bilingual education in a dual immersion setting that we experienced first hand. But today I want to share with you a collection of pictures and a video put together using the Disney Story app that showcase the many beautiful and fleeting kindergarten moments my girl experienced in her beloved and unique Franklin Language Magnet school.

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