Christmas Carols for Posadas- Villancicos Para Pedir Posadas {Printable Form}

I have precious memories of celebrating Posadas with neighbors and relatives growing up in Mexico. This week, I was inspired by Becky’s post on Celebrating Las Posadas from Mexico to the US  and I wanted to share the Christmas carol we sang at the Posadas. You can find the printable form below for you to sing with your family!

The “Pedir Posada” Villancico tells the story of Maria and Jose’s arrival to Belen (Bethlehem.) The party is divided into groups, the ‘insiders’ stay in the houses and the ‘outsiders’ or pilgrims walk to different doors, knocking until the good samaritan finally opens to host Mary and Joseph. Then the celebration starts!  We drink ponche (fruit punch) and brake piñatas. It is truly magical.

To get more Villancicos you can go to Ana’s post: Villancicos: a Christmas Tradition. Also, I will share a ponche recipe and more Villancicos at our community SpanglishBabyPlayground – We hope you enjoy!

If you grew up in another part of Latin America besides Mexico, Do you you celebrate Posadas, if not, do you have a similar celebration? Did you sing Villancicos? We’d like to know :-)

 Click here for a printable version of the lyrics to the “Pedir Posada” villancico.

For more villancicos visit our A Christmas Gift: 9 Villancicos Navideños {Printable Lyrics PDF} post!

{image via vanessajanephoto}

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