Special thanks to Terri on Facebook for sharing this video with us.

The 4-minute video takes us into the lives of a family that has made the decision to enroll their twins into a dual immersion program in San Rafael Elementary in Pasadena, CA.

The beauty of the story is that the parents don’t speak Spanish, yet recognize the importance of a bilingual upbringing for their kids.

The girl, Abby, and her twin brother are in second grade and you will smile when you hear them speaking beautiful Spanish and even teaching it to their parents.

The video is part of a project from Go Public: A Day in the Life of PUSD whose mission is to “be a two-hour video document of one entire day in the Pasadena Unified School District. Pasadena is a racially and economically diverse community in Southern California with 28 public school campuses. Go Public will tell the story of one full day from sun up to long after sundown.” Learn more and support Go Public here.

2nd Grade Student in Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program from Go Public on Vimeo.

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