radiator springs racers cars land opening pov ride throughWow!

That’s really the first word that came out of my mouth when we stepped foot into Cars Land, the brand new experience at Disney California Adventure that opened yesterday.

There is so much I want to tell you about this Cars Land, like how it’s been five years in the making and how perfectly Disney and Pixar managed to recreate Radiator Springs and make you feel like you really stepped into the movie.

I’m actually writing this from the media room at Disney California Adventure because I’m here as an invited member of the media which has been congregated here since yesterday to witness and report on this historical, magical-moment-in-the-making event. I’m going to spend the day taking pictures and experiencing everything Cars Land and the newly reopened Disney California Adventure have to offer, and will come back to share all this with you. Or you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram and catch it all live!

But, for now, I just had to take a video of my favorite new attraction so far: Racers in Cars Land. It’s a mix between a car race and a roller coaster. You board a 6-passenger cars which takes you through the very roads and canyons Sally and Lightning took during that memorable first ride together, including the Wheel Well! The outdoor sights and views are breathtaking and you will be in awe at how real the canyon walls look!

Then you’ll drive right into Radiator Springs and meet the rest of the crew where you will be set up for an exciting, fun, thrilling, screaming, awesome ride! Check out the video and ride with me!!

What do you think? Is this right up your alley? It was right up mine!

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