Getting Summer-Ready With Friends

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A busy blogger mom will take any opportunity to get pampered along with friends.  I really never get to host get togethers or parties like I used to (actually, nowhere near!), so I jumped at the opportunity offered to me by Aveda to gather a group of local LA friends for a morning of relaxation, bonding and learning about their Summer Solutions products.

I used to be an avid Aveda hair care  user before our personal recession-woes hit and I was left without income.  I got to learn more about their makeup, skin care and Pure-fumes before the get-together and was thrilled that my amigas would get to experience the Aveda all-around goodness I was already a fan of.

Aveda experience center century city

We met at the Aveda Experience Center in Century City where stations were set up for consultations.  Elisha and Howie from the brand new The Establishment LA salon in hipster Silverlake were there to show us tricks and tips to care for our hair.


One of the most popular stations was the Pure-fume one where each of us received our own personalized perfume made with pure essential oils.  We each took turns sitting with the specialist, closing our eyes, and taking deep breathes as different scents were put under our nose. We chose our favorite one through a process of elimination and got to take home a small bottle of it.

It felt delicious to get our hands treated to a deep exfoliating scrub and a heavy dose of much-needed moisturizing.  I kept hearing the same comment over and over from the ladies:  “My hands have never felt this soft. I wished they could do my whole body right now!”

I always have the hardest time deciding which skin care products to use on my face.  Should I attack the wrinkles, the discoloration, the dryness, the loss of elasticity, etc, etc…It felt great to be able to sit down calmly with an expert to get some real advice as to what is best for my skin and my daily lifestyle without feeling it’s a hard sell.

It’s not a party without a winner, and one of the guests won this over-the-top basket full of Aveda’s Summer Essentials.

Since no one should leave a great party empty-handed, every guest received one of these gift bags as un recuerdito from Aveda.

The goodness spills over and you can also receive a recuerdito–Aveda sample–if you go into a store and tell them this Secret Word:  11Summer

It is super secret, but you can totally share it!!

Disclosure:  I have been compensated to experience the Aveda products and tell you about it, as well as to host a local event.  All opinions are my own.  Nothing makes us happier than to work with brands we already know and use.

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