Raising a bilingual child can undoubtedly be a lot of work, but it can also be extremely amusing.

Just check out the conversation I had with Vanessa yesterday:

— “Bueno conocerte,” she said as she shook my hand playfully.

— “¿Qué que?” I asked her as I shook her hand back.

— “Bueno conocerte,” she repeated emphatically.

— “¿Qué significa eso?” I quizzed her.

— “Nice to meet you,” she responded confidently, surprised that I would ask such a thing. I couldn’t help but laugh wholeheartedly.

— “Pero eso es en inglés, Vane,” I explained.

— “Entonces, ¿cómo se dice en español?” she asked genuinely curious.

— “Mucho gusto. O, encantada de conocerte. O, un placer conocerte, Vanessa,” I responded.

And then, she laughed wholeheartedly.

Now you. What amusing anecdotes do you have about raising bilingual children?

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