Photo credit: sleepyjeanie

My daughter has show and tell every Monday at her preschool. Recently, she wanted to take the Pillow Pet she got from her padrino for Christmas and which she absolutely adores! But on the way to school, and with her Chanchi by her side, her daddy convinced her that her pink pig pillow was too big for show and tell and that most probably it’d get pretty dirty from all the kids touching it!

So, she found herself without a show and tell and somehow decided to talk about the hairband she was wearing, which I had just given her the night before (after organizing the cabinets in my bathroom and throwing out a bunch of stuff I haven’t used in years!)

Whenever she has show and tell, I try to practice with her what she’s going to be saying, since her vocabulary in English is not as extensive as in Spanish. Yet this time, we didn’t have a chance to do this. So I’ve no idea how much she was able to say about her run-of-the-mill headband.

That afternoon, when I found out what had happened and I asked her how her show and tell had gone, she said it was all great.

Y, ¿cómo dijiste vincha en inglés, Vanessa? —I asked her. (I know, I know, we call hairbands vinchas, but lots of other people call them diademas.)

—¡Vinch! — she responded without even flinching.

I almost died laughing!

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