Bilingualism in the Media

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While some of you might have read these articles from the links we recently posted on our Facebook page or tweeted about from our Twitter account, I figured that, in case you missed it, it’d be nice to compile the latest media content regarding bilingualism in just one post. So if you didn’t get to read any of these, here’s your chance to find out what the latest studies say about bilingualism. (Hint: we’re on the right track!)

From The Wall Street Journal: Do Bilingual Preschools Make for Smarter Kids? and Building a More Resilient Brain

From BCC News: ‘Mum and dad made me multi-task better

From The Los Angeles Times: Can Bilingualism Improve Brain Power?

While I was putting this list together, I kept clicking on links that took me to even more articles about bilingualism which I thought would be a great read (or listen) for SpanglishBaby followers, so I decided to include them:

From The Wall Street Journal: Chinese on Menu for Elementay Kids and Parents Debate the Rise of Mandarin at Elementary Schools

From PRI’s The World: Learning in Two Language (this includes a very well done report on English Language Learners) and really any other article/podcast from The World in Words

Don’t forget to check out the comments left on these articles and, if you’re up to it, maybe you can even leave your own and hopefully we can help spread the word about the awesome benefits of bilingualism.

Also, if you come across any article, podcast, video, story, or research regarding language and bilingualism, we hope you’ll share it with the rest of us, (via FB, Twitter, email, comment, forum) as we can all benefit from learning more about this topic we’re all so passionate about :) .

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