Bilingual is Better

I’m getting myself ready to travel with my daughter, Camila, to El Salvador where we will spend one whole month with la familia.  It will be such an amazing full-immersion experience for her right now at the age of three.  I will have many stories to share from there and I’m planning on keeping you all up-to-date on all the language and cultural experiences (hope not shocks!) that she’ll be going through. Especially since I’m signing her up at a neighborhood pre-school in the mornings!

So, what does my trip have to do with the Video of the Week?  Nothing directly, but I got inspired to search for the Spanish version of Curious George because my Salvadoran niece is crazy about him and I’ve been buying some encarguitos she’s requested.  I realized we’ve never had “Jorge el Curioso” as our video of the week, and it well deserves it!

I clearly remember having two favorite books in English while growing up in El Salvador:  Danny and the Dinosaur and Curious George.  (The links are to the Spanish versions.)  I read them, and read them, and read them.  And, I just read them both to my daughter last week.  Full circle. Bellísimo.

In honor of a timeless classic, beautiful in English and Spanish, here´s a clip from Jorge el Curioso for you and your child to enjoy. 

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