This HBO Latino series features both a dog and a cat that are so, but so cool that they´re bilingual and only need to go by “El Perro y el Gato.”

The short episodes focus on simple pre-schooler topics such as manners, vacation, grooming and, the one below, sharing. The hyper active Perro says everything in English and then repeats it to to the ice cool Gato in Spanish.  The cat responds in short phrases which are usually written out on the screen.

“El Perro y el Gato” has all the perfect elements of a successful bilingual cartoon for children.  Lástima that it only airs on HBO Latino, but kudos to them for including the series on their You Tube page as well.

Thanks to nuestra amiga Dariela, who blogs on Nuestra Vida con Adrián, for the tip on this one!


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