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Photo by *clairity*

Photo by *clairity*

Some interesting links to share with you, especially the announcement at the end… Check it out!

1) The New York Times: Supreme Court Sides with Arizona in Language Case – “The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Arizona officials who said the federal government should not be supervising the state’s spending for teaching non-English-speaking students. The 5-to-4 decision reversed a ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which said the state was still violating a law that required “appropriate action” to help English language learners overcome language obstacles.” I suggest you also read this article as background to understand where all this is coming from.

2) FindingDulcinea.com: Can Language Immersion Lead to Enhanced Creativity – “Utah’s elementary school language immersion programs could encourage students to live abroad, an experience that studies suggest improves creative problem-solving abilities.” Creativity? Who would’ve thought… Yet another reason it’s a great idea to raise our chiquillos bilingual and support dual language education!

3) Education Week: Study: Latino Teens Benefit from Sharing Two Cultures with Parents – “Latino adolescents are happier and healthier if both they and their parents have one foot firmly planted in Latino culture and the other in U.S. culture, a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has found. In other words, Latino adolescents are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as abusing alcohol or drugs or dropping out of school, if they take steps to stay involved in their culture of heritage and their parents also take steps at the same time to integrate into U.S. culture.” I specifically like the fact that the study promotes dual language immersion education by saying it’s one of the best ways to promote biculturalism.

4) Examiner.com: Interview with Children’ts Author Lupe Ruiz-Flores – “Lupe has led quite an intriguing and interesting life. Though she’s now a children’s author, she used to be an aerospace engineering technician for the Department of Defense and once lived in Thailand and Japan.” Piñata Books, one of the publishing houses I wrote about here, publishes her books, so I know for sure I’ll be checking her out…

5) TomaLeche.com: Pasiones, Mentiras y Secretos – “Los Angeles area wife and husband team, our very own, Ana Lilian Flores and Alan Huijsmans, in collaboration with friends Antonio Perez and Omar Villegas, won $2000 in the NO MORE DRAMA WITH TOMA LECHE video Web Novela contest, sponsored by the California MIlk Processor Board (CMPB), creator of GOT MILK? and TOMA LECHE (Drink Milk). Through June 12, Californians submited a video Web Novela or storyboard illustrating how milk could be the answer to alleviating symptoms of drama-enducing PMS.” You guys have to watch this. It’s hilarious and it was produced and shot by Ana and her husband!!

The best for last:

6) SpanglishBaby: Bilingual Summer Fun Week of GiveawaysBe sure to visit us every day this week for a whole bunch of surprise giveaways! You really won’t want to miss these awesome products created specifically with bi-cultural children in mind…

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