Photo by Ordinary Guy

Photo by Ordinary Guy

This week, instead of bringing you a video, we want to introduce you to an online audio library of classic children’s fairy tales and original stories in Spanish, from our friends at Cody’s Cuentos. Cody’s Cuentos offers FREE (don’t you just love that word?) weekly podcasts of children’s stories narrated by professional storytellers who speak native Spanish with accents from Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

At eighteen months, Camila is still a bit too young to truly appreciate these podcasts, but I’ve enjoyed listening to them and remembering some cuentos I know I want to start sharing with her soon. I like that it’s an audio story and an often-needed break from the constant visual stimulation our kids get bombarded with in modern life. These tales stimulate their wild imaginations, sharpen their listening skills and engage their growing brains; not to mention it’s an original way to introduce some Spanish to your child’s day.

Other people use these podcasts as a tool for learning and/or practicing their Spanish. A reader of their blog suggested to use the audio stories and transcripts along with puppets. What a great idea!

The team at Cody’s Cuentos have really poured their heart into these podcasts with a very high production value, a pick of professional talent and some great original stories….all for free. Some stories also come with a free transcript, available at their blog.

One of their most popular downloads is the all-time classic “Caperucita Roja.” Check it out below and re-discover the joys of listening and imagining:

Click here to listen to Cody’s Cuentos: Caperucita Roja

Click here for the transcript.

Special offer for SpanglishBaby readers: Get a free enhanced transcript for the audio story “La colcha de retazos.

Here’s all you have to do:
1). Sign up for Cody’s email list on the Cody’s Cuentos web site or become a “friend” of Cody’s Cuentos on Facebook.
2). Leave a message/comment on the Cody’s Cuentos blog using your real name, a valid email address and the secret password “SpanglishBaby” somewhere in the body of your message.
That’s it! The transcript of “La colcha de retazos” will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Be sure to use a valid email address, otherwise the document will not reach you. Offer valid only today, Tuesday, March 10.

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