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Para Tí, Mamá

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One of the toughest things about living many borders away from my family is not getting the chance to create more loving memories with mi mamá. Not only the memories I want for myself now that I am more mature and also a mom, but those I want my girl to have of her Abuela. I have to admit there’s also a feeling of guilt embedded in me for not having outwardly expressed to my mom just how much IRead More ...

I’m Becoming My Mom, and That’s a Good Thing

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Disclosure: We’re working with Hallmark on a series of posts for Mother’s Day for which we’re being compensated. As usual, all stories and opinions are our own. Time and motherhood definitely play the biggest tricks on you. Just when you think you’re wise enough to have it all under control, a little being comes into your life to let you know that there’s still a whole lot of inner work to be done and lessons to be learned. I trulyRead More ...

A Reassurance of Love

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“Es igualita al papá,” most will say when they meet my daughter and realize that her mischievous expressions, accompanied by a cynical laughter, are almost a complete replica of her dad’s. Much to her papi’s delight, Camila loves to tell and be told a good joke and is already on her way to being a very creative prankster. I, on the other hand, wasn’t born, nor did I ever cultivate, an outwardly funny bone or jokester attitude. I can’t rememberRead More ...

On the Night My Son Was Born

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The stories of how my two children came into the world are utterly different. So much so that I’ve often wondered how my son Santiago will feel once he gets older and realizes that despite having all my family in Denver, where he was born, his dad was the only one at the hospital the day he made his first appearance. Especially when he finds out that the complete opposite was the case the day his sister was born. IRead More ...

The Day My Life Changed Forever

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Only a handful of dates are deeply embedded in my heart. Most are happy days, a couple are not. But only one marks the day my life was forever changed. It was Wednesday, November 30, 2005. I had been feeling unusually exhausted for several days, and after an inexplainable week-long insatiable craving for jalapeños — and a missed period — I decided to check if maybe a baby was the culprit… although I didn’t really get my hopes up. My husbandRead More ...

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