Celebrating Haitian Women on International Women´s Day

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Today I join the International Women´s Day festivities to celebrate and honor the courageous, relentless, inspiring, talented and beautiful women and girls I met when I visited Haiti in January with a group of bloggers (#Bloggers4Haiti) and Heart of Haiti. Aside from the empowered women I had the honor to travel with, every single day we´d encounter in Haiti a group of women who would just inspire us with their presence. These women have been through or been witness toRead More ...

We Are In The Heart of Haiti

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Last week I shared with you that I was about to embark in an adventure of a lifetime with a group of bloggers and the women behind the Heart of Haiti and Fair Winds Trading. I am now here, in the heart of the Republic of Haiti, and I can attest that even though the heart is suffering, it is fiercely pulsating. We’ve now spent two full days here and the best word to describe them is intense. Intensity inRead More ...

A Trip To Haiti With Heart of Haiti

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Two years ago today we stood still as we witnessed from afar the massive devastation which occurred in Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook its core. Two years later, the nation is still rebuilding and progress is slow at best. In less than two weeks I will be heading there with a group of enthusiastic women to witness for ourselves the life being led in Haiti today, as well as to see and document the work of sustainable aidRead More ...

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