Video of the Week: Spanish Buzz from Toy Story 3!

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Prepare yourself to fall in love with Buzz Lightyear in a whole new way!  Toy Story 3 opens today and I can honestly tell you-because my daughter and I already got to preview it-that all the raves it´s already getting touting it as the best family movie this summer are completely merited. I will go one step further and call it the best movie made with our bilingual niños in mind! Why?  Well, because Disney-Pixar came up with the brilliantRead More ...

Video of the Week: World of Color

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  There are certain words that are universal in meaning, no matter which language you speak. One of them is ‘Disney.’  Say ‘Disney’ or ‘Mickey Mouse’ to a child who speaks Spanish, German, Mandarin or any other language and her eyes will most likely light up. I know Camila has already developed a love for many things Disney, including fairies, the mouse and, now, Woody from Toy Story. She was ecstatic last week when we got invited to spend theRead More ...

Video of the Week::El Sastrecillo Valiente

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We went digging into the Disney vault to uncover this classic tale in Spanish:  El Sastrecillo Valiente. A good fable with Mickey Mouse never fails.  Enjoy! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_kNsONdeBw We invite you to visit our new sister site, SpanglishBabyFinds, where we review the coolest products made with Latino and/or bilingual kids in mind. There’s an awesome giveaway going on now! ...

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