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Navidad: It Doesn’t Get Better Than Tamales and Pupusas

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I have a relative who, every time we visit, says: “Oh, while you’re here, we have do such-and-such! It will be our new Thanksgiving/Christmas/yearly tradition!” And while it is always quite a nice idea, only one of the “traditions” has stuck. What’s more, my husband and I always just look at each other and smile when she says it, because we’re both of the belief that you just can’t say something and make it so—you can’t force a tradition. IRead More ...

Just Like Children on Christmas Eve

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We have many traditions in my family: The baby Jesus in the front room, the ornate tree, the nativity scene, tamales, pupusas, pan de chumpe, opening presents at midnight christmas eve, but more than any single thing we do, it’s the feeling of familia that makes Christmastime special for me. Early in December or late in November, my Mami sets up the Christmas tree with los jovenes. Some years it’s with me and my husband, but as we live 500Read More ...

Christmas Is Música!

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I can’t imagine the Christmas season without music.  I love that holiday music is played almost everywhere at this time of the year.  Music has been an important part of our family celebrations for as long as I can remember.  During our parties, we sing and play musical instruments together, enjoying both the music and the time with our loved ones. My interest in music was fostered from a young age.  When I was in second grade, my school offeredRead More ...

Christmas Means Empezar de Nuevo

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Editor’s note: With today’s post, we begin this year’s Bicultural Holiday Traditions on SpanglishBaby. This season we decided to ask our treasured contributors to share their holiday traditions with all of us! We don’t get tired of saying it: We absolutely love our contributors for the uniqueness and diversity they bring to SpanglishBaby and we’re truly grateful they’re a part of our family ¡Qué lo disfruten! I was torn about what to write for this holiday post, as I amRead More ...

All or Nothing

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I’ve always thought I was a laid-back kind of gal.  I don’t think I’m much of a control freak.  My motto might as well be, “Go with the flow.”  At my wedding, my bridesmaids wore whatever they wanted to.  The day before, my sister-in-law picked up a truckload of whatever flowers looked nice at a flower stand and my guests made our floral arrangements, and my bouquet.  My husband and I met our realtor at a bar and figured, hey,Read More ...

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