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How Food at My Daughter’s Birthday Party Told Our Bilingual & Bicultural Story

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When one of my daughter’s first words was D-d-d-dora I knew there was something special about this character. As a new mamá, I am watching children’s programs for the first time, getting to know what they are about and trying to figure out which are best for my daughter, Little L. Although she just turned 1, I do rely on some TV to help me with raising her bilingual. Little L’s exposure to Spanish is limited, and as I amRead More ...

What My Girl Really Needs for Her 5th Birthday & How You Can Give it to Her

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Five years ago today, my husband and I brought Camila into this world. She was healthy as can be, active and awake from day one, and loved and taken care of with an obsession characteristic of first-time parents. Every year she’s hit her milestones right on target and continues to mature into an intelligent, creative and loving girl. Every year on August 18th we celebrate her life with a party of some sorts — cake, a piñata, friends, games andRead More ...

Dora the Explorer Turns 10… ¡Feliz Cumple, Dora!

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Editor’s note: In honor of Dora the Explorer’s 10th birthday this month, here’s a post we originally published back on October 29, 2009 based on an interview with the co-creator of the Latina character with whom so many of our niños identify. ¡Felicidades, Dora! FYI: Be on the lookout for a pretty cool Dora giveaway coming up very soon on our Finds section! Her original name was not Dora and Latina she was not. More than 10 years ago andRead More ...

How do you say: Happy Birthday?

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I absolutely love summer…for a lot of reasons, but mainly because my daughter is a summer baby which means we get to celebrate her cumpleaños outdoors in the melting heat (as opposed to indoors hiding from the snow.) In fact, both Vanessa and Camila were born pretty much in the middle of the summer, so both Ana and I will be celebrating their birthdays pretty soon. This got me thinking about a little tradition we have at our house regardingRead More ...

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