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Your Story: How Dora the Explorer was Born

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Her original name was not Dora and Latina she was not. More than 10 years ago and after working with outside creators to come up with new ideas, Nickelodeon’s Valerie Walsh Valdes and Chris Gifford were given the opportunity of a lifetime: to develop their own show. This is what they thought up: a show about a preschool girl who has a bunch of animal friends and goes exploring every day. Her name was Tess. But the network’s executives hadRead More ...

Video of the Week: El Perro y el Gato

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This HBO Latino series features both a dog and a cat that are so, but so cool that they´re bilingual and only need to go by “El Perro y el Gato.” The short episodes focus on simple pre-schooler topics such as manners, vacation, grooming and, the one below, sharing. The hyper active Perro says everything in English and then repeats it to to the ice cool Gato in Spanish.  The cat responds in short phrases which are usually written outRead More ...

Your Story: If Only I Spoke Spanish

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When I meet new people, I often try to slip into the conversation that I’m Mexican-American. You can’t tell by looking at me (I’m the whitey-whitest in a family of fairly white Mexicans) and you can’t tell by talking with me because my Spanish is terrible. I love my culture and I’m so proud to be Latina, but I often feel like a fraud because I can’t really speak the language. The fact that I’m not bilingual is one ofRead More ...

A Brief Look at Heritage Language Schools

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Back-to-school has been a major theme in our country this week. Today we want to explore another educational option that’s available for our niños: Heritage Language Schools. You might not have even heard of them, like us, or have no idea how to find one in your area. So, we’ve prepared this to introduce you to the basic concept of Heritage Language Schools, why they’re an excellent alternative for parents raising bilingual children and how you can get motivated toRead More ...

Elmo and Sesame Street Helping our Kids through Tough Times

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It´s no secret now that SpanglishBaby is a real fan of Sesame Workshop and all they do.  They just seem to have it together…for real. In our case of parents raising bi-cultural and bilingual children they constantly give us tools to make the journey more fun and inclusive of our children. Especially in the case of promoting a  bilingual, bi-cultural and global awareness through their shows.  Remember Celia Cruz performing with a cast of muppets?  Or how about Global GroverRead More ...

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