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Wanted: The Perfect Bilingual Nanny

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We are lucky to have family in the area who can help out with babysitting when needed. Specifically, we have Spanish-speaking family, la abuela, who helps to care for Sofía. In four years, we have never used a babysitter outside of the family. We try to be a self-sufficient unit. I stopped working my job as a teacher to stay home and care for our daughter, so I try to be careful to not need someone else to watch her.Read More ...

31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Juegos Tradicionales

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Editor’s note: We continue with our 31 Days of Reading in Spanish. Check out the book review below and don’t forget to enter our weekly GIVEAWAY of $100 worth of books in Spanish! BOOK DESCRIPTION/REVIEW Have you ever found yourself wanting to teach your child that one game you loved as a child and played over and over again, but you just can’t get yourself to remember the words to the song, the rhyme or the exact details that made it soRead More ...

The Vital Role of Nannies When Raising Bilingual Kids

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Even before I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to stay home with my newborn children as long as (financially) possible. I was blessed to be able to do that for more than two years with Vanessa and about a year with Santiago. When it was time for me to go back to work, my husband and I agreed that we would hire a nanny to take care of our kids at home. But not just any nanny. We wanted a niñera whose nativeRead More ...

How to Raise Bilingual Kids With Special Needs

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I’m raising bilingual kids with special needs. You can do it too. When my first child was born, I was immediately warned that I shouldn’t expose a child with special needs to two languages. The reasons were that: — Their speech development will slow down from trying to learn two languages — Their brains don’t have the capacity to make the switch from one language to another — They are already challenged with the disability, so I shouldn’t add anRead More ...

My Bilingual Kids Cross the San Diego-Tijuana Border

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Last Thursday, my family and I traveled to San Diego for my stepson’s graduation from the Marines. It was a crazy, weekend-long trip, but we were happy to all be together for such an important and proud moment in our family’s life. Since Santiago’s padrino and his family moved to that beautiful city last year, we were lucky enough to be able to stay with them. And, because they are Mexican and are used to crossing the border between San DiegoRead More ...

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